Fire Safety Products


As a UK manufacturer we are committed to providing you quality, reliable fire safety products with exceptional added value. Our collection of fire safety products comprises multiple ranges of fully certifed fire extinguishers, including our UK made Premium Range. We also produce our own range of automatic fire suppression systems, PAFSS. Our market leading fully certified fire blankets are produced on site in our factory as is our comprehensive range of safety signs. We also offer a wide range of fire accessories. If you already know your requirements and would like to speak to someone, please contact us on 01902 357777 or if you prefer submit your enquiry here.

Fire Extinguishers


We provide a range of fire extinguisher types that are essential for fighting the different classes of fire. Our range of fire extinguishers includes; CO2, Foam, Powder, Water, Water Mist and Wet Chemical.

Jactone Premium Range
Jactone MED Range
Jactone Prestige Range
Jactone Basic Range
Jactone Aerosol Range

PAFSS Fire Suppression Systems

PAFSS® Fire Suppression Systems

PAFSS fire suppression systems detect automatically at the source of a fire and extinguish it early, minimising the damage to valuable assets and enabling a quicker recovery of operations.

PAFSS KitchenGuard®
PAFSS KitchenGuard® Mini
PAFSS® Fume Cupboards
PAFSS® Electrical Enclosures
PAFSS® Bus and Coach
PAFSS® CNC Machines

Fire Blankets and Textiles

Fire Blankets
and Textiles

Our Premium Range fire blankets are manufactured in the UK and Kitemark certified to BS EN 1869:1997. We also produce a range of multi purpose welding drapes and curtains and extinguisher covers.

Jactone Premium Fire Blankets
Welding Drapes and Curtains
Equipment Covers

Safety Signs

Safety Signs

Our range of safety signs includes signs and symbols for, extinguisher identification, fire action, fire equipment, mandatory instruction, means of escape and more…

JacGLOW® Photoluminescent Signs
Fire Safety Signs
Health and Safety Signs
Information Signs


UK Manufacturer


We closely monitor changes in industry standards and trends and work continuously to improve the quality of our products to keep you safe today and tomorrow.



Product development is at the heart of what we do. This ensures we are market leaders in responding to certification, legislation and market changes.

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

At Jactone we have a real root and branch knowledge of the products we manufacture and supply. In fact, we are really passionate about them.



As you would expect from a UK company that is committed to quality, reliability and safety, we adhere to all industry standards and quality systems.

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