Safety and Information Signs

A Comprehensive Range of Safety and Information Signs, including Fire Safety, Health and Safety and more…

Safety signs within an environment or workplace are essential to highlight important information or potential dangers to employees and members of the public. They provide a clear and easily understood message.

Our range of signs is produced in our own digital printing facility. We print and manufacture signage on a variety of materials, quickly, efficiently and with a high-quality finish. We can also design bespoke signs for you.

Jactone Safety Signs

With over 20 years of experience printing and manufacturing safety signs, Jactone offers a comprehensive collection of quality signs. Our collection includes fire safety, health and safety, construction, water safety, catering, recycling, traffic signs and more.

All signs are manufactured and supplied to the latest BS EN ISO 7010 standards.

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JacGLOW Photoluminescent Safety Signs

We also have our range of JacGLOW photoluminescent signs, which offer long-lasting glow-in-the-dark performance making them the ideal and cost-effective solution to providing illuminated signs in the event of a power failure and sudden darkness.

JacGLOW Photoluminescent signs


High-Rise Residential Building Wayfinding and Directional Signs

New Fire Safety Regulations – High-Rise Residential Building Signs

An update to the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 under Fire Safety: Approved Document B, Appendix 15.13 – 15.16 has made it a legal requirement for all residential buildings 11m or taller in England to display wayfinding signs to assist firefighters in the event of a fire emergency. The signs must identify the floor and indicate the flats on each level. The signs must be visible in low-lighting conditions or when illuminated with a torch.

Our range of JacGLOW photoluminescent signs identify the floor and flats on each level to assist firefighters.

We offer three types of sign-system that meet the requirements needed. All of the wayfinding signs are on our JacGLOW photoluminescent material. JacGLOW offers long-lasting photoluminescent performance, providing illuminated signs in low-light conditions and in the event of a power failure and sudden darkness.

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Fire Safety Signs

Fire Safety Signs

Our range of fire safety signs includes signs and symbols for, fire extinguisher identification, fire action, fire equipment, mandatory instruction such as fire door keep shut and means of escape such as fire exit. Our wide range of fire safety signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit the intended environment.

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Health and Safety Signs

Health and Safety Signs

Our range of health and safety signs includes; first aid, prohibition, no smoking, personal protection equipment, hazard and electrical safety. Our wide range of signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit the intended environment. We also have a range of health and safety posters.

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Construction Site Signs

Construction Site Signs

Jactone provides a range of construction site safety signs for the workplace from general health and safety to warnings. Our wide range of signs for construction site safety are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit the intended environment.

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Water Safety signs

Water Safety Signs

Our range of water safety signs includes prohibition and hazard signs for locations where sport and recreational activities are taking place. As well as maritime and inland waterways safety and information signs.

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Information Signs

Our information signs include a large range of recycling signs, traffic signs for both permanent and temporary use and signs for security, CCTV and car parks.

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Prestige Safety Signs

Prestige Signs

This collection of brushed silver and gold finish and clear acrylic signs are ideal for use in locations such as hotels, reception areas, corporate offices, conference halls and where image is important.

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