Health and safety signage within an environment or workplace is essential to highlight important information or potential dangers to employees and members of the public. The use of symbols and graphical images is used to communicate safety messages for people familiar and unfamiliar with an area or process, acting as a continual reminder of safety instructions. The appropriate use of colours and symbols provides information which is essential for workplace safety.

Fire Equipment

Colour and Shape : A red oblong or square

A wide range of signs to identify, locate and instruct in the use of Fire Equipment, such as; fire extinguishers, hose reels, alarms, fire points, portable equipment, fixed systems and more. Fire equipment signs indicate the location and identify the fire fighting equipment in a specific area.


Colour and Shape : A yellow triangle with a black border

Hazard signs are designed to warn about hazardous or dangerous materials, locations, or objects. We have a wide range of hazard signs including electric currents, flammable materials, caution, site safety, water safety and more.


Colour and Shape : A blue circle

Mandatory signs provide specific instructions and guidance of a course of action that must be taken. Our mandatory signs include signs for fire doors, fire exits, stairwells and gangways, as well as personal protection signs that include; eye protection, safety boots, hard hats, noise control and more.


Colour and Shape : A red circular band with a diagonal bar

Prohibition signs specify behavior or actions which are not permitted and likely to cause a risk to health or safety. These include; no smoking, access signs such as no entry, water safety such as no diving and site safety signs.

Safe Condition

Colour and Shape : A green oblong or square

A full range of signs to identify and locate means of escape (exit / fire exit), a safe condition or safety equipment. Our safe condition signs include fire exit, emergency exit, fire escape, push bar to open, assembly point signs, first aid signs and many more.

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