Jactone PAFSS fire suppression systems are self-activiting and require no external power for detection or operation making them ideal for unmanned or unsupervised applications.

Principles of Operation

At the heart of any PAFSS system is the special detection tubing which acts as a linear heat and flame detector. PAFSS detection tubing is completely flexible and is installed throughout the risk areas of the enclosure, providing fast and effective detection.

When the system detection tubing is exposed to flame or high ambient temperature, it ruptures with a burst at the hottest point and the drop in pressure activates the cylinder valve. The extinguishing agent is then discharged from the connected cylinder through either the burst hole (Direct) or pipework (Indirect) at the heart of the fire.

PAFSS Fire Detection Tube

The benefits of PAFSS

Choosing PAFSS fire suppression systems to protect your assets and personnel has many advantages.

Easy To Install


PAFSS is simple to install and maintain on both new and existing equipment.

Automatic Operation


PAFSS offers a fast and automatic operation from the initial detection of a fire, through to suppressing it.

Reliable Detection Tube


Our UL listed highly reliable detection tube remains unaffected by dirt, dust, debris and oil. Vibration resistant push-fit detection tube fittings.

Flexible Detection Tube


The detection tubing allows for an unlimited number of fire detection points. Its flexible nature means it can be located adjacent to identified risk areas, providing fast effective detection.

Early Intervention


The early intervention of a PAFSS system can often prevent the release of a larger room suppression system, saving on expensive refill costs.

No Electrical Power


PAFSS requires no power supply for detection or actuation, remaining operational during power interruption.

System Monitoring


Integral pressure switches allow remote system monitoring and initiation of safeguarding actions.

Quality Components


Superbly engineered specialist valves and pressure vessels. Stainless steel discharge pipework, fittings and nozzles.

PAFSS® System Selection

PAFSS is available in two different systems, direct systems and indirect systems. Direct systems both detect and discharge via the PAFSS detection tubing whereas indirect systems detect fire via the detection tubing but discharge via pipework and nozzles.

Direct PAFSS Fire Suppression System

Direct PAFSS Systems

Direct PAFSS fire suppression systems are efficient and simple self-activating systems for small enclosed hazard areas. They are failsafe against malfunction.

Upon flame impingement or heat, the pressurised detection tube ruptures with a burst at the hottest point. The agent is then discharged through the burst hole directly at the heart of the fire.

Direct systems are available in low pressure and high pressure format, depending on the most appropriate extinguishant selected.

Indirect PAFSS Fire Suppression System

Indirect PAFSS Systems

Indirect PAFSS fire suppression systems are efficient and simple self-activating systems for larger enclosed and even open hazard areas.

Upon flame impingement or heat, the pressurised detection tube will burst and by depressurisation will activate the cylinder valve to open. The agent is then released through separate pipework and nozzles which are aiming at the hazard area.

Indirect systems are available in low pressure and high pressure format, depending on the most appropriate extinguishant selected.


The special detection tubing used in all PAFSS fire suppression systems is UL Listed.

The UL Listing qualifies all Jactone PAFSS detection tube as a ‘Heat-automatic Fire Detectors – Component’, after comprehensive testing in accordance with ANSI / UL 521 – ‘Heat Detectors for Fire Protective Signaling Systems’.

UL Listed PAFSS Detection Tube


Electrical Enclosure Fire Suppression Systems

Electrical Enclosures

Electrical distribution cabinets, process control cabinets, communication racks.

Fume Cupboard and Fume Hood Fire Suppression Systems

Material Storage

Fume cupboards, chemical stores, flammable material stores.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems


Professional and residential kitchens and catering equipment.

Bus and Coach Fire Suppression Systems


Buses, boats, trains – engine compartments.

Industrial Equipment Fire Suppression Systems

Industrial Equipment

Fork lifts, plant / machinery engine protection, industrial process equipment.

CNC Machine Fire Suppression Systems

CNC Machines

Machining centres, injection moulding machines, robotic welding machines.

Wind Turbine Fire Suppression Systems

Power Generation

Mobile electrical generators, wind turbines.

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UK Manufacturer


Jactone PAFSS is manufactured in our UK purpose built factory in the heart of the West Midlands.

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

At Jactone we have a real root and branch knowledge of the products we manufacture and supply. In fact, we are really passionate about them.



Product development is at the heart of what we do. This ensures we are market leaders in responding to certification, legislation and market changes.

Certified Products

Fully Certified

PAFSS is manufactured under our BS EN ISO 9001 quality system.

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