Laboratory fume cupboards, also known as fume hoods and cabinets, can present a particular problem where multiple users and a wide range of chemicals and processes increase the risk of fire. The range of Jactone PAFSS can offer you the protection required.

These self contained pneumatic systems require no external energy or power supply. Upon flame impingement or heat, the pressurised detection tubing will burst and activate the cylinder valve to open and release the extinguishing agent.

The Jactone PAFSS fume cupboard range has been specifically designed to protect laboratory equipment and is manufactured under our ISO 9001 quality system.

PAFSS® fume cupboard fire suppression systems are fitted at some of the UK’s most prestigious institutions and laboratory sites.

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The Problem

Fume cupboards, also known as ‘fume hoods’ or ‘fume cabinets’ are commonplace in industry, pharmaceutical research facilities and educational establishments. On such sites there can be multiple users, a wide range of chemicals and different processes that can considerably increase the risk of a fire.

Due to the semi-enclosed nature of fume cupboards, fires can be difficult to identify, which often means that it is too late for users to take action as the fire will have developed. Typically fume cupboards are found in multiple numbers in close proximity which means that a fire that originates in a single piece of equipment can spread to other adjacent equipment.

The results can be devastating, resulting in the risk of lost research, costs, downtime and danger to staff or students.

The PAFSS Solution

Fume cupboards require a specialist fire suppression system that is capable of detecting and extinguishing a fire situation within the fume cupboard workspace, dealing with the fire event locally before it can more fully develop.

PAFSS systems are specifically designed to detect and discharge inside the fume cupboard at the heart of the fire, extinguishing quickly and preventing any spread or escalation of the fire to neighbouring fume cupboards and the wider building. This can significantly reduce the risk of injury to personnel and losses caused by equipment down time and operational disruption.

PAFSS fire suppression systems offer peace of mind for customers looking to protect their assets and staff from the risk of fire.

PAFSS Fume Cupboard Fire Suppression System

PAFSS Features

  • Simple to install and maintain. Easily fitted to new or existing equipment.
  • Fast, automatic detection and extinguishing.
  • Linear heat and flame detection tube, allowing for an unlimited number of detection points.
  • PAFSS detection tubing is highly reliable and resistant to many chemicals (full details on request).
  • Flexible detection tubing can be located adjacent to the identified risk areas, providing fast effective detection.
  • Stainless steel discharge pipework and nozzles. Vital in potentially corrosive laboratory environments.
  • Requires no power supply for detection or actuation, remaining operational during power interruption.
  • Can be integrated into the buildings fire alarm system.
  • Superbly engineered specialist valves and pressure vessels.

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Click on the image to watch a system animation showing the operational principles of Jactone PAFSS® for fume cupboards / fume hoods.

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Jactone PAFSS is manufactured in our UK purpose built factory in the heart of the West Midlands.

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Technical Expertise

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Fully Certified

PAFSS is manufactured under our BS EN ISO 9001 quality system.

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