Jactone is pleased to announce the certification of a NEW PAFSS system to UNECE regulation 107, which covers fire suppression for buses and coaches.

In 2018, it will become a mandatory requirement on certain new classes of bus / coach to install a fire suppression system. The Jactone ABC 6kg Dry Powder PAFSS system has been tested and certified to UNECE Regulation No. 107, Revision 6, Amendment 5, Annex 13 – Part 1.

Certified to operate at the preferred bus low temperature of -40°C the system builds on the reliability that Jactone PAFSS is recognised for and incorporates the proven UK engineering and quality manufacturing that you can depend on.

> Fast, automatic detection and extinguishing

> Compact and simple to install and maintain

> Requires no power supply for detection and activation

> Protecting both people and assets

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