Jactone would like to confirm its position, regarding its preparations for dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are following closely all UK government published guidance relating to this matter and will continue to do so to inform our policies and actions.

Of paramount importance is the safety of our employees and the wider community, together with continuity of business at Jactone in serving its customers.

In pursuit of these aims, we confirm:

Jactone and its employees are following the self-isolation advice given by the government, with regards its personnel or their relatives who display the virus symptoms.

Jactone has implemented in-house company changes, regarding cleaning protocols and social distancing measures in the workplace.

Visitors to our premises have been kept to a minimum and now include only Delivery / Despatch activities.

Jactone personnel are not attending off-site meetings, unless they are necessary and authorised by a Director.

Stock levels, due to separate decisions made some time ago prior to the current crisis, are at a historically high level, across Raw Material, Work in Progress and Finished Products.

With regards our supply chain, we are actively reviewing the situation, to anticipate any supply shortages or difficulties that may impact on our business. Appropriate decisions and actions will be taken as required.

Operationally, we are not currently encountering any problems, but this may change as government guidance and / or restrictions develop. We will respond accordingly.

We hope you stay safe and keep well,

Jactone Directors