Jactone MD elected FIA extinguishing council chair

Jactone is delighted to announce the recent appointment of our Managing Director, Craig Halford to Chair of the Fire Industry Association Extinguishing Council. In turn, we are also delighted that as a result of this appointment, Craig assumes his position on the FIA Board of Directors.

Jactone is committed to the work of the FIA and we are particularly interested in contributing to the development of industry standards and the promotion of safe and legal products.

The FIA Extinguishing Council represents the product manufacturers and suppliers of fire extinguishing and fire fighting equipment. This includes gaseous, foam, watermist systems, portable extinguishers and similar hardware.

The Council’s key role is to present the collective views of this sector of the industry, including negotiation and discussion with government and other external bodies.

As well as representing members’ interests, the Council monitors and influences the development of equipment related standards, legislation and regulations. It also commissions research.

In addition, it provides guidance for product­ related marketing, communications and training issues.

For more information on the Fire Industry Association visit www.fia.uk.com