CNC machines can present a particular problem where unattended automatic machines, tool breakage and processing with potentially flammable lubricants / coolants increases the risk of fire. The range of Jactone PAFSS can offer you the protection required.

Below you will find a case study of how PAFSS has been fitted to a CNC machine after an incident occurred.

Telford, Shropshire

Precision engineering and tooling

On Friday 26th August 2016 at around 14.30 the company were using their Normac MX16 thread grinder during normal operations. During a ‘dress cycle’ the grinding wheel on the machine hit the diamond dresser harder than normal, generating enough heat to ignite a vapour within the grinding area. This resulted in a fire in the tooling area.

The business owners contacted us after researching PAFSS online. They had decided to source a fire suppression system as part of a series of corrective actions following the fire. We arranged for a local PAFSS installation agent to contact the customer and a site visit was arranged. The machine was protected by a 2kg Novec 1230 Jactone PAFSS with the detection tubing installed inside the workspace for quick and effective detection in case of further incidents. The system was also fitted with a pressure switch to shut down the machine in the event of a future system discharge as well as a local alarm unit with a visual and audible alert.

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