Due to market demand we have upgraded the valve on our Jactone Premium Range Fire Extinguishers to make it easier and simpler to use.

The new and upgraded CE marked valve includes two new features:

1. A new pressurisation port is now incorporated behind the pressure gauge, this is protected by a schrader valve allowing easy removal and checking of the gauge whilst the extinguisher is pressurised. Gauge testing is now a tool free process and can be done simply and easily by hand.

2. The second new feature is a pressure relief device, this is a requirement for some non-UK markets.

The new valve still allows pressurisation via the outlet as previously.

For anybody who is undertaking maintenance of fire equipment this new valve gives increased flexibility and makes it simpler and easier to pressurise and service the extinguisher.

> CE marked valve
> New pressurisation port
> Schrader valve in gauge port
> Easy to check pressure gauge
> Simpler to pressurise
> Pressure relief device
> Filling tools available