Jactone are pleased to launch PAFSS KitchenGuard fire suppression systems. They are LPCB certified to LPS1223, ‘…fire extinguishing systems for catering equipment’.

Catering equipment fires can arise in numerous ways and are difficult to control. Jactone PAFSS KitchenGuard has been specifically designed to protect catering equipment and put out any fires quickly and efficiently.

These self contained pneumatic systems require no external energy or power supply. Upon flame impingement or heat, the pressurised detection tubing will burst and activate the cylinder valve to open and release the extinguishing agent.

Key features include:

> All KitchenGuard systems are LPCB certified to LS1223 and CE marked. They are manufactured under our BS EN ISO 9001 quality system.

> KitchenGuard reacts at the source of the fire quickly and efficiently, minimising damage and downtime to equipment.

> KitchenGuard utilizes a sophisticated wet chemical extinguishing agent that smothers and cools the fire, preventing re-ignition.

> PAFSS KitchenGuard is available through a network of Approved Installers. They are trained and approved by Jactone to design, install, service and maintain PAFSS KitchenGuard.

PAFSS KitchenGuard – On guard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year