PVSTOP Solar Panel Block Out for Maintenance Personnel

Make solar energy safe with PVSTOP

Essential for Maintenance Personnel and Electrical Technicians

 PVSTOP Solar Panel Block Out is the only known solution for ‘switching off’ solar panels, making them safe in the event of a short circuit or emergency incidents such as a fire, flood or storm. PVSTOP acts as a liquid blanket sprayed onto the solar panel and blocking out the light – the energy source, and rendering the solar PV system electrically safe.

Who is PVSTOP for 

Maintenance personnel and electrical technicians operating in and around PV solar panels that produce dangerous DC electricity are at risk whilst the solar panels remain exposed to light.

Whilst other safety systems can operate effectively downstream, they do not address the risk that exists at the point of power generation, the panels themselves.

Using PVSTOP to switch off the solar panel first, all personnel are protected from the hazards of lethal DC voltage, allowing for safe early intervention and asset protection in an emergency situation.

If solar PV system components fail, elimination of the power from these components can prevent the propagation of fire/failures through a system. What better than to have a solution on-site rather than waiting for Fire and Rescue Services to attend?

Solar asset site personnel will have a safety tool close at hand in the event of a need to shut down power generation.

Early intervention is possible (if safe to do so) by reducing power generation earlier in a failure/fire scenario, leading to damage limitation and increased business continuity and asset availability.

Having PVSTOP Solar Panel Block Out on-site and located adjacent to the PV solar assets promotes personnel health and safety and makes clear commercial sense.

What does PVSTOP do

The primary function of PVSTOP is to render panels to be electrically safe. PVSTOP Solar Panel Block Out allows users to cover solar panels in seconds. The water-based polymer film blocks light to the PV cells upon application.

The polymer film sticks to solar panels during all weather conditions. Even if the PV modules are wet, the coating will stick to the solar panel. When PVSTOP is dry, it is waterproof, non-flammable and electrically non-conductive. Post-incident PVSTOP can be safely and easily peeled off by hand when it is time to reactivate the system. The coating does not contain any adhesives and does not damage solar panels in any way.

PVSTOP empowers solar panel maintenance personnel with a reactive tool that will render solar panels electrically safe when required, allowing for early intervention, asset protection and increased on-site health and safety.

We are sure that with the significant and increasing adoption of solar energy power generation, PVSTOP Solar Panel Block Out will become essential on-site safety equipment.

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Why choose PVSTOP

• Eliminates the risk of DC electrocution from a solar panel.

 Can ‘switch off’ a panel in seconds.

 Provides early intervention leading to damage limitation.

 Does no damage to the PV system.

 Sticks to panels in all weather conditions.

 Polymer film coating easily peels off once dry.

 Environmentally friendly.

 UK manufactured. 

PVSTOP is an essential solar PV safety solution

With the significant and increasing adoption of solar energy power generation, PVSTOP Solar Panel Block Out will be essential safety equipment for solar PV systems moving forward.

PVSTOP Solar Panel Block Out 9 Litre

PVSTOP Solar Panel Block Out 4.5 Litre

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