Further to previous communications regarding the recent industry information both in the UK and Europe (Netherlands) in relation to ongoing concerns about the performance of Fire Blankets, manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN1869, we are delighted to advise you of important developments regarding our own UK manufactured JT510 fire blanket.

As part of a wide ranging independent market audit test programme organised by the British Standards Institute, on Friday 23rd October, Jactone’s own JT510 fire blanket was subjected to further fire testing in accordance with EN1869. We understand other manufacturers products were tested over a period of several other days. Although it is not clear how the results of this wide ranging audit will be used or shared, BSI has confirmed that we can share with you the audit test results of our own products.

We confirm we were invited to witness the fire testing on our product and attended alongside BSI observers and representation from the fire trade associations.

We are pleased to confirm that the JT510 fire blanket was successful in passing the test (3 successful back to back Fire Tests in accordance with the requirements of EN1869).

A significant factor in this particular BSI audit is that the fire testing was conducted on Jactone fire blankets independently purchased by BSI, from distributors in the general market place. This one action by BSI demonstrates clearly the impartiality of the fire testing. All test conditions, including the choice of oil used (EN1869 allows either of 2 oils to be used), were correctly set by the LPC / BRE test laboratory that performed the testing.

The results of these tests on our product come as no surprise to us and they serve to further reinforce the robust un-blemished BSI Fire Test audit record to BS EN 1869:1997 over the last 18 years. It is a record which we are extremely proud of and further strengthens the belief in the quality of our product.

We would like to take this opportunity to further confirm that we have been advised that during a separate fire test audit programme conducted by a leading UK supplier, our product again successfully met the requirements of the EN1869 Fire tests.

When purchasing this product you are benefitting from the stability and repeatability of its manufacture, audit testing and performance.

If you have any requirements for fire blankets that we know you can rely on, please contact our sales office at the earliest opportunity via the contact details below and we will be pleased to attend to your enquiries.

We look forward to your call.

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