The facts about fire blankets

Covering the facts about Fire Blankets

A fire blanket is an essential item of fire safety equipment. Used to extinguish kitchen fires such as cooking oil, saucepan and frying pan fires, as well as flammable liquid and clothing fires, a fire blanket cuts the supply of oxygen to the fire and extinguishes it.

Fire blankets are suitable for use in many environments including; the home, small kitchen areas, caravans, boats, commercial kitchens, schools and factories.

The essential performance requirement for a fire blanket is to extinguish both a cooking oil fire and a flammable liquid fire, as detailed in BS EN 1869:2019, the standard for fire blankets.


Meeting the Standard

The JT510 material used for all Jactone fire blankets is certified to the latest revision of BS EN 1869:2019, the European Standard for fire blankets. The latest revision assesses the performance of fire blankets against both cooking oil fires and flammable liquid fires. Testing to both types of fire gives Jactone fire blankets multi-purpose use.


The Fire Triangle

The fire blanket must have the ability to eliminate oxygen from the burning cooking oil or flammable liquid to initially extinguish the fire. Good flexibility and draping qualities of the fire blanket are essential to achieve this aim. Jactone JT510 fire blanket material does just this.



To extinguish a cooking oil fire, the fire blanket must eliminate oxygen from the burning oil and allow the oil to cool gradually to below its self-ignition temperature. The fire must not reignite when the blanket is removed after 17 minutes. For a flammable fuel fire, it must not reignite when the blanket is removed after 4 minutes.


Unique Material

Controlled cooling is key to a fire blankets performance. The Jactone JT510 fire blanket has a unique 3-ply construction to do this, made of two layers of woven glass fibre fabric with an inner layer of fire retardant film. It is this construction that is at the forefront of the fire blankets unblemished safety record, making Jactone fire blankets the recognised market leader.

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