Marine Range 5kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Product Information

Included in our UK manufactured Marine Range, the 5kg Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fire extinguisher is specially approved to Merchant Shipping (Marine Equipment) Regulations SI 2016/1025 as amended and carries the UK Mark of Conformity – The Red Ensign, meaning you can be sure it meets the safety at sea requirements and can be used on offshore environments. The extinguisher is also LPCB and Kitemark certified to BS EN3, UKCA and CE marked.

The stored pressure CO2 fire extinguisher is suitable for use on Class B flammable liquid fires and electrical equipment fires. CO2 is primarily for use on fires of electrical origin and leaves no residue, as a result, it does no harm to machinery or electrical equipment.

As part of our Marine Range, the 5kg CO2 fire extinguisher comes with Jactone’s distinctive colour coded header label and handle which ensure that the extinguisher is identifiable. This can provide valuable and critical time when helping to evacuate a building or extinguish a small fire, if safe to do so.

We also offer corporate branded header labels, which are a fantastic way to promote the corporate image of your organisation.

• Quality aluminium cylinder.
• High-quality valve and discharge horn assembly.
• Colour coded header and handle.


Technical Specification

Product Code: EC5MED
Capacity: 5kg
Fire rating: 70B
Average discharge time: 16.8 secs
Height: 670mm
Diameter: 152mm
Filled weight: 11.8kg
Empty weight: 6.8kg
Carton size (H x W x D): 690 x 226 x 160mm

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Jactone Marine Range Premium Fire Extinguishers


Jactone Premium Range Fire Extinguishers are manufactured in our UK purpose built factory in the heart of the West Midlands.

Colour Coding

Our Premium Range Fire Extinguishers are manufactured with a unique colour coding system, helping you to quickly identify the type of extinguisher.

Fully Certified

The Premium Extinguishers are manufactured under our BS EN ISO 9001 quality system and they are fully certified with third party approvals.

5 Year Guarantee

All of our Jactone Premium Range Fire Extinguishers come with a 5 year guarantee and are backed up with comprehensive technical support.

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