Jactone Premium Range Fire Extinguishers are manufactured with a unique colour coding system to identify the type of fire extinguisher. This is in accordance with the guidelines in BS 7863:2009 – Recommendations for colour coding to indicate the extinguishing media contained in portable fire extinguishers.

In the event of a fire, you and your staff, when suitably trained to identify extinguishers by colour, will easily and quickly be able to identify the type of extinguisher required. This is valuable and critical time saved when helping to evacuate a building or extinguish a small fire, if safe to do so.

Colour Coding System

Jactone Premium Range Fire Extinguishers are uniquely colour coded, making them clearly distinguished and good looking. Where possible they are fitted with colour coded labels, valve handles and bases.

Unlike other fire extiguishers which have a colour coded label only to identify the contents of the extinguisher, Jactone Premium Range Fire Extiguishers have this and go further by having colour coded handles and bases (where possible) to identify the different types of fire extinguisher and their contents.

Identifiable from any angle

When visibility is poor or an extinguisher is turned around, can you tell which fire extinguisher you are picking up? Our unique colour coding gives you the best opportunity to do this, when it is needed most.

This unique colour coding helps:

> Easy identification of contents
> Identify extinguishers from any angle
> Identify extinguishers from a distance
> Make the extinguisher more visible
> Avoid confusion between different types of extinguisher

What type of extinguisher?

When turned around can you tell which type of fire extinguisher you are picking up?


ABC Powder

Suitable for use on class A, B and C fires in offices, commercial premises and industrial premises. It is highly effective against petrol and volatile liquids which makes them ideal for vehicle protection.

Carbon Dioxide

For use on fires of electrical origin. Being non-toxic and leaving no residue, CO2 will not harm machinery or electrical equipment.



The aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) extinguisher is suitable for use on class A and B fires in industrial and commercial premises.



Suitable for use on class A fires involving wood, paper textiles and other class A risks in offices and commercial premises.


Wet Chemical

Specifically designed for use on class F fires involving cooking appliances containing oil but is also suitable for class A fires.



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